How to Dye Your Natural Hair Without Bleach

It was the week before I started my freshmen year in high school, when it happened. It being when my parents 1st let me dye my hair. Hasta La Vista to those chalky color wands, pastes and gels! Those products always made my hair feel stiff as a board never light as a feather. Since that day many moons ago my hair has been every color under the sun. Blue,  53 shades of Red, (Fire, Burgundy,Cherry, etc.), Pink, 50 shades of blonde (Honey, platinum, ash) , brown, black, and green. ROY G BIV in da house.


*Note* This picture isn’t High School it is after college. After a couple years of color and I taking “a break” I realized I missed him but I wasn’t ready for the commitment. It’s not you its me, I’m sorry Radiant Red. {Insert Hairshadowing} It is a very simply technique of adding vibrant temporary color to your hair with…eyeshadow!

All you need is high pigment eyeshadow (preferably cream based) and a towel!

Check out the video how to dye your natural hair without bleach!