How I Doubled My Flyer Miles In 2 Months


How I Doubled My Flyer Miles In 2 Months

2014 imma let you finish but…

2015 has been the BEST travel year for me ever! This year alone Trinidad, Abu Dhabi,South Africa, Detroit, Curacao, Atlanta (twice), Miami, Houston, and Dallas has able to enjoy the excitement known as, The A.V. Experience. To answer questions Yes I work. No I don’t sell drugs. So, how can one afford to travel as much as I do? Hacking! Not overthrow the government kind of hacking but travel hacking. Looking for deals and being flexible with my travel dates has saved me my weight in gold. 7 Travel Tips For Cheapskates goes into full detail about how I spend less and travel more but there is one tip I forgot. Getting points for paying my bills! Although travel credit cards can certainly help with this but if you aren’t into excess credit it is possible to receive points directly from your energy provider. I doubled my flyer miles in two months going from 5,100 points to over 12,500 points just by signing up with Energy Plus.


Initially, I was skeptical about signing up but I was satisfied after reading the fine print.  What did I have to lose? I had to pay my light and gas bill anyway so I might as well get some awesome rewards. If things went awry I could cancel anytime so that works for me!

Upon signing up I was offered a welcome bonus of 5,000 points for my electricity account and 2,500 points for my gas account. Afterwards I received 2 miles for every dollar spent. Not bad folks not bad.

What is the catch? There is always one isn’t it? Well yes and no. More like conditions, so far I have only found two. This service is only available for the following states New York, New Jersey, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Ohio, Pennsylvania and it is solely a JetBlue partnership. If you live in one of those locations, the accounts are in your name, and you like JetBlue you’re in luck! I will add that you have to sign up for a TrueBlue account (JetBlue’s rewards program) before you convert your account. They will not award points retroactively. For information visit their site.

Happy saving and flying!