How Can You Help In Ferguson


On August 9th in the small town of Ferguson, MO an 18 year-old young man by the name of Michael Brown was gunned down by a local police officer. What makes this story even more frightening was that Michael was unarmed. Following the shooting the police department stalled with providing the public with crucial details including the name of the murderer, Darren Wilson. Also, the fact that Michael was shot at least 6 times including twice in the head was also withheld. The aftermath of this blatant neglect are protests from all over the world that are standing up in solidarity with Ferguson. Unfortunately, the citizens of this St. Louis suburb have faced police brutality and excessive militarize force from officials all because they want justice for this life that was cut short.

This story is a little different from what I usually post but to me being a DIY’er/Maker is more than making cookies and crafts. It is about doing anything you can, yourself including making a difference. Here are some ideas how you can do the same.

Don’t shoot the messenger, be the messenger. Thankfully social media has given every one of us a “platform” to discuss certain issues. We are able to see injustice in real time and brutality goes viral. Use this to your advantage tell everyone you know about this and correct anyone deflecting away from the primary cause of this: the murder of an unarmed teen.  Seek the truth and understand you will not get it from mainstream news sources.

Chip in: Donate to the Michael Brown fund or a reputable organization/a set of dedicated and transparent individuals like #operationhelporhush.  Help out by sending monetary aid or items from a wishlist for the protesters.

via Megan Sims @The_Blackness48 on twitter

The Best Resource Is Human Resource. Solicit your social circle and make a statement together. Some think using your voice via social media isn’t really activism but that isn’t true. Anything to get the word out is beneficial.  If you feel unfulfilled by social media organize a protest locally or go to Ferguson to lend a helping hand.

Put Pressure On Politicians  Requiring police officers to wear body cameras is something that will help soothe tensions between police and the public. Sign this petition to encourage lawmakers to make this happen. Let’s make our voice heard with our votes and demand accountability from elected officials. How did these officers get access to this kindof weaponry?   Well the Pentagon’s 1033 Program was created in 1997, provides local police departments across the United States with billions of dollars’ worth of surplus military weapons at no charge. This leads to more guns in the street and possibly in the hands of corrupt cops, advocate to end this program.

Keep your ears to the ground. Be aware of what is going on around you.  Michael Brown is not a single case or “a tragic yet individual incident” it is a trend that needs to end. The abuse of power is creating anarchy in our country and we have to do every thing we can to prevent this. In Compton, CA police officers are now allowed to carrying semi automatic weapons…in schools. This is something we cannot let continue.

Sadly none of these tips will bring Michael Brown back but hopefully we will have less #justicefor… hashtags.teargas