How Avocado Made Me A Better Person


The title of this post makes it pretty obvious where my loyalty is but I wasn’t always faithful to the misunderstood fruit. Yes, avocado is a fruit just like tomatoes are. Growing up I hated avocado it was like a green goblin and I wanted no parts. I managed to go 22 years barely tasting it. This was particularly difficult because it is staple in Caribbean cuisine and turning down food is a no no. I think it was *my good looks and charm* God’s unshakable grace that helped me navigate through my childhood in one piece.

Flashback wavy squiggly dream sequence begins
It is 2008, I am a senior in college taking Spanish 101 (don’t ask why because I don’t know). My last semester is moving at the rapid speed of a snail. I don’t want to learn va, voy, vaminos for the 100th time I want to be in the real world. A Dios Mio. My professor God bless her because I don’t remember her name but she assigned a special project to the class. We had a choice: take a verbal final exam or do cultural presentation in front of the class (didn’t have to be in spanish). I chose to do the verbal final exam because I had no interest in researching anything. I figured all my years of living in The Bronx link would kick in and I didn’t mind the challenge.  Many of my classmates choose to do presentations. I am painfully sitting through each spanglish speech eagerly waiting for the apocalypse because I’m bored out of my mind. Just when I am ready to pass out it happens. Clearly “it” isn’t the end of the world. It is this young man’s presentation: The history of guacamole. He took a lot of pride in this and even had a guacamole tasting at the end. Initially I wasn’t interested because of my relationship with avocado but this time was different. I decided to take a chance…dramatic pause… Drumroll please… Score! This was top 5 best decisions I’ve ever made. Slight exaggeration but it is certainly in the top ten. From that day I was hooked not just on guac but I grew an appreciation for the green fella. Now it is a bond that cannot be broken. Recently, I attempted to pay it forward. I gave my 2 year old niece avocado but she didn’t like it, oh to be young and foolish.

Some lessons I learned
Sometimes things are better the second time around.
Never say never.
It is ok to take a chance what is the worst that could happen? The answer is death by the way.
Everything is subject to change.
Embrace change.
Your parents are always right.


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What are some foods you hated as a child but love now?