Fall on Fleek: 8 Cities To Visit Before Thanksgiving

Fun Fact: The “A” A.V. stands for Autumn. I am lying it is Amber but that is close enough. My mother named me after the color the leaves change to during this season.  Although I have a special attachment to fall it is only for about 3 weeks. This is also the only time of the year I love Connecticut. This weather makes me want to break out my Meg Ryan Sweater*, sip hot toddies and pick pumpkins. This is also the time of the year when couples tend to hibernate.  If you can manage to come up for air during cuffing season you should visit these 8 cities before Thanksgiving.

1) New Haven, CT

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2) Stone Mountain, GA



3) Glacier, Montana



4) Halifax, Nova Scotia



5) Door County, WI



6) Hiroshima, Japan



7) Any where along the Hudson River, NY



8) Sleepy Hollow, NY



*Bonus* Boston, MA


I am not a fan of Boston AT ALL but autumn does bring out the best of that city like this awesome road trip I took my mother on last year.


Note* My “Meg Ryan Sweater” Is a big, warm, clunky sweater that makes me feel like a middle aged white woman from a romantic comedy.



What are some for your favorite cities to visit during the fall?