Easy Back To School Organization Hacks

Easy Back To School Organization Hacks (1)It is time for the kids to go back to school. Oh  yeeeeees!  umm, I am sure you mean oh no. For me this really means is I get to see all of your cute kids on Facebook in their adorable back to school outfits. For you this means although you brought 700 colored pencils for your “mini me” they will have one teacher that will INSIST 1000 magic markers are a must have for their development. If you are a parent that is willing to compromise (bless you because mine weren’t) you will have a lot of supplies to keep track of. These easy back to school organization hacks will do the trick.

 Remember the Lazy Susan?

Well she isn’t so lazy any more. Transform this oldie into this dope organizer for the little one’s art supplies.


Wine Not?

Use a wine rack and plastic cups to keep those thousands of magic markers organized. *Note* after the first parent teacher conference you will most likely upgrade your wine rack to hold 24 bottles instead.



Color Code Your Keys

Nail polish is magic! My mom taught me this years ago and it is still a good hack.

Travel Tips - The Ladida - Paint Locks with Nail PolishPhoto credit: ladida2.rssing.com 

This Was My “Ah Ha” Moment

I was just mentioned how people in NYC that have linen closets are secretly drug lords and I had one all along.  This hack is ideal to keep things away from the crumbsnatchers or Brooklynites college kids that just don’t have enough storage space.

over headstorage

A Woman Can Never Have Too Many Shoes Paintbrushes

Organize crafts or cleaning supplies by using an over the door shoe organizer. I have a similar set up in my studio. Although mine is not as pinteresting picture friendly it works.

shoe organizerpinterest.com

What hacks did I miss? How are you getting the kids organized for the new year?