Do It Yourself Just Not All By Yourself

That time has come… I need help.


Via Britt Write


As a DIY blogger often I take pride in doing things myself anywhere from cooking my favorite recipes to being a master ikea shelf builder.

Being a master Ikea shelf builder

I needed to say that twice and now that I think about it I may add it to my LinkedIn profile. After 3 years of maintaining this site I learned one thing for sure. I cannot do everything myself. It is impossible. I tried for a while but to reach the heights I knew I was capable of I needed some assistance. How did I reconcile those thoughts of doing DIY while not doing things myself?

  • First: I had to get over myself and realize sleepless nights and being overworked are NOT a part of my ministry. No Ma’am.
  • Second: Baby steps, The first thing I began to “outsource” was laundry I’ve always hated it so I wasn’t sad to see that chore go. Good Riddance Clorox!

The results from that simple delegation were amazing. It freed up so much time for me to tackle other projects and endeavors. As my new projects began to take up more time I knew I needed to delegate more. Business moguls that I admire Oprah, Martha Stewart, Sir Richard Branson  always spoke about having a team although they are the face of their respective brands. If that is what they did that is what A.V. is going to do. 

Allow me a moment to reintroduce myself. I mean my team of contributing writers for A.V. Does What!?


Meet Yenory our wellness and healthy living contributor.  I love her mango salad dressing and it literally takes just a few minutes to make. 15025436_10154645138260775_4310806983820749837_o

Meet Rochelle our DIY contributor. Need some jazzy ideas for any holiday shindig and beyond this is where it is at. Her vision board wallet is adorable.


Meet Estenbia, our jetsetting travel contributor. Giving you the best tips from above the skies. She helped us beat the holiday rush with her survival guide.


Kera our beauty on a budget contributor. Need to get your skin right for less than a dime? Look no further! 

What are somethings that you outsource? Is it worth it?