How To Make Homemade Travel-Sized “Febreze” Spray

Febreeze 5

    So imagine this scenario… You’re expecting guests to come over soon when you realize that your overflowing laundry basket is smelling a little ripe. You might have a funky roommate whose gym workouts are motivating, but there are showers at the gym for a reason. You might be a traveler, jetsetter and proud memberRead more

For The Love of Plantain: 11 Maduro and Tostones Recipes To Better Your Life


If Plantain had a twin I would still choose you…   I am assuming that is what Drake really wanted to say as he whispered sweet nothings in Rih-Rih’s ear as they ummm, worked. Luckily plantain does have a twin. Sorta. There is fried ripe sweet plantain known as Maduro and fried green plantain known as Tostones.Read more

10 Essentials Every Traveling Curly Girl Needs


Boarding passes, carry-on bags and passport stamps bring me great joy in life… But jacked-up hair doesn’t. Sigh. Doesn’t it seem like we have to take extra precautions to stay fly on the road? Now, I’m no super-duper ambassador of all things #teamnatural but I do have a few essentials for how a curly girlRead more

Thug Passion: 5 Hennessy Based Recipes To Try This Valentine’s Day


Oh the liquid gold known as Hennessy, so fancy so versatile. You can do anything with Henny celebrate a victory, a mourn a loss, cure the common cold, clean your windows. It is like windex from “My Big Fat Greek Wedding.” Hennessy has also helped spark the creativity of one the greatest unofficial spokesman ofRead more