Blue Apron Cookbook Review: What You Need To Know

*Majestic music * Hear Ye! Hear Ye! lend me your ears, hearts and stomachs my social countrymen as I bestow upon you this coupon code from the aprons of Blue.

Ok, that isn’t exactly how it happened but a while back a Facebook friend gave me a coupon code to try Blue Apron. I thought to myself it can’t hurt why not. If you aren’t familiar with Blue Apron it is a meal subscription service. Meals and recipes send straight to your door. I LOVED their recipes but ultimately I am pretty old school about picking out my own produce.

Fast forward I am walking around the city (Note “The City” always means Manhattan, NYC) and I see you guessed it. A Blue Apron pop up shop! Bigger surprise they have a cookbook! My prayers have been answered.

Blue Apron Cookbook-Friday Favorites

Full disclosure I have not purchased a cookbook in about 18 years. This also makes me wonder why was I buying cookbooks at 13-14 years old?  When your next meal is a www dot away why should I buy cookbooks? Well sometimes you (me) want to detach from the web and physical books help make that happen. *NOTE* Blue Apron has the kindle version. 

It is a said to be The Joy of Cooking for a new generation: A collection of easy-to-make, delicious, and original recipes from the kitchens of Blue Apron—featuring 165 step-by-step, dishes! For me that is definitely a pro but watch the video to see my full review. This cookbook is available in hardcover and Kindle



Blue Apron cookbook review