50 Shades Of The 90s


I love gray scale, monochromatic spaces not necessarily for me to live in but decor wise it’s cool. It is safe everything is the same color how hard can it be? Think again. It can be very difficult. It all comes down to personality. If you prefer your quarters more subdued there are literally 50 (million) shades of grey to play with. if you are a bold person stark contrast of mostly blacks and whites can beneficial giving your living room an art deco feeling.

Actually I call this color palette “Bad Boy black and white” Bad boy as in Biggie. In 1994 there was this music video called “Flava In Ya Ear” Remix by Craig Mack, the video was very simple but my young eyes never saw something like this before. The black and white I was accustomed to then was boring with the several tones of “rerun TV” grey.  This video and a couple others did black and white properly to make it interesting and bold! “Straight Up” by Paula Abdul and “Scream” by Michael and Janet Jackson are other great examples.


Busta Rhymes in “Flava In Ya Ear” (Remix)


Paula Abdul in “Straight Up”


Michael and Janet Jackson in “Scream.”

Here is some tips to transform your living space with this color palate
1) keep your pieces on the opposite sides of the color spectrum and
keep it uniform don’t start adding “mother of pearl” and “zinc” thinking it is good enough commit To the high contrast.

2) Try not to have both colors (lamps/lampshade are an exception) on the same piece of decor if you absolutely love the two tone vase check the pattern. You can change the entire vibe with prison stripes or cow spots.


3) Finishes and textures are your friends gloss, matte, semi gloss even glitter the possibilities are endless! You aren’t relying on color to tell your story so play with finishes to keep it interesting.

4) Art and accessories: This is important because it will tie your look together. There is a great chance your walls are already white and unless your living room doubles up as a black box theater I am against painting all four walls black maybe an accent wall. Let your personality shine with this candle.


Until next time “I’ll just have to say— ah b-b-b-bye, b-b-b-bye”



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