Best Places To Visit in 2015

What are some of your top travel destinations for 2015? Bahamas? Bali? Barcelona? All of the above?  Last week, I went to New York Times Travel Show for the 1st time and it was awesome! What is the NY Times Travel Show? It is a trade show dedicated to travel industry professionals and enthusiasts hosted by the New York Times. Pretty straightforward, right? After seeing all cultural performances, informative panels, international cuisine and over 500 exhibitors from across the globe you’ll be ready to book your next flight ASAP! For the record when I say “you” I am certainly including myself.



One of the most informative panels I attended was “The Top New Travel Destinations” by the travel expert Father/Daughter team Arthur and Pauline Frommer.  This wandering duo came up with a great list of places you must see in 2015, here are some of my faves.


1) Belize

Beautiful Belize via
Beautiful Belize via

I have mentioned that I always wanted to go on an archeological dig preferably in another country. This is where Belize steps in. With many of its Mayan ruins still intact it would be awesome to see the greatness of previous civilizations up close and personal. Who doesn’t want to reenact their Indiana Jones dreams? Maybe it is just me.

2) Spain

Malaga, Spain via


This country is a must see for me but not for the reasons the Frommers have mentioned.  I would love to visit Spain for La Tomatina aka the largest tomato fight in the world. People are pelting each other with produce sounds amazing to me.  Málaga, Spain is the city that is highlighted because of its beautiful and a affordable lodging. You can rent a property for $650 a month and a meal tapas style can be as little as $4, making it ideal for extended stays.

3) Belgium



After diamonds isn’t chocolate a girl’s best friend?  Belgium is a world leader in chocolate world and you can stuff your face with the finest here. Also for the history buffs June marks the 200th year of The Battle of Waterloo.  I am here for the chocolate and waffles.


4)  Selous Game Reserve, Tanzania

Selous Game Reserve, Tanzania via


This is on the list for more unfortunate reasons. UNESCO World Heritage put the Selous Game Reserve on the list of sites that are most endangered. How does a reserve become endangered? Poachers have found ways to sneak in and slaughter animals. Rhino deaths are exceeding rhino births and are heading towards complete extinction in the area. This location you should see sooner than later. Also for those who want to see images similar to “The Lion King” this is the region you need to visit.

Ironically, I have no vacation plans to any of these locations this year. Hopefully that will change in the near future. What do you think about these destinations? What are your travel plans for 2015?  To see the rest of the list from the Frommers click here.