What Does A.V. Do?


About A.V.

A.V. is a lifestyle content creator living in Bed Stuy “Do or DIY” Brooklyn, NY that may have been a rapper in a previous life. Unfortunately, those musical talents did not transition. Luckily, she has developed other skills. Whether it is producing online DIY classesplanning events for crafters or developing a community of like minded DIYers she has always had a thing for doing it herself. Some of her relationships include Febreze, Groupon, Craftsy, Cricut and HGTV Magazine. With her media appearances in BuzzFeedBlavity, Ebony.com and Lifehacker A.V. is determined to change the face of “DIY,” by currently reaching over 16,000 people worldwide. 

She is also the co-creator of University of Dope, an exciting thought provoking card game that inspires dope discussions about Hip Hop culture. The first of its kind.

About The Blog

What began as a traditional Do-It-Yourself blog quickly grew into a multi-media lifestyle platform including DIY, culture, recipes, childhood anecdotes, and travel. Our goal is to help urban millennial women realize that “Life Is Better When You Do-It-Yourself!”