A Midsummer Night’s Bucket List

Recently, I celebrated my 29th birthday *raise the roof* and I have decided to spend more time doing “firsts” than mourning “lasts.” It is the half way point of the summer but there are still some things I need to accomplish.  What is the best way to do that? A Midsummer Night’s Bucket List!


1) Walk across the Manhattan or Brooklyn bridge at dusk or night. Something about bridges, sunsets, and lights that does it for me.


2) Watch an outdoor movie. I usually have to work but one of these days I will go. Just grab a mat, some snacks and relax in the park, rooftop or The Intrepid for free.

3) Take some  art or new aged dance class. Trapeze, Painting in the park, drunken interpretive ribbon dance, etc.

4) Go to one of those trivia/sing along bars. Nothing will prove my world renowned intelligence like answering trivia questions possibly under the influence.

5) Road trip somewhere. I really want to visit Maine but anywhere different is fine with me. Hop in the car (after renting it of course) and drive.

1957 Corvette on road

6) Go swimming/kayaking/water related activity… in New York. I have lived back in NY for almost five years and I have not gone swimming in this state, shameful. There are plenty of opportunities to explore New York’s waterways on kayaks for free, so there’s really no excuse for me to miss out. Hit up the Downtown Boathouse, the Brooklyn Bridge Park Boathouse, the LIC Community Boathouse, Red Hook Boaters, or Kayak Staten Island

7) NYC Restaurant Week, aka your only chance to eat at that swanky restaurant you usually can’t afford, runs from July 21 to Aug. 15.


8) Go zipliningAt the Alley Pond Park Adventure Course you can strap on a harness and soar 100 yards through the sky and over a green, open field.

9) Take the ferry to Governor’s Island. Ride a bike or check out some DIY classes

10) Fall in love for 3 weeks. My friends laugh when I say this but summer is made for loooooove . Yes three weeks isn’t a lot of time but I think it would be cute just like in the film Grease.


Summer officially ends September 22nd so I don’t have much time but I am determined to make this happen. What is on your summer bucket list?