7 Travel Tips For Cheapskates


Seven travel tips for cheapstakes promo

Cheapskate? I know that is pretty harsh but you have get passed that. Don’t miss your blessings because of wordplay. Ok, 7 travel tips for the frugal soul, is that better? I am a self proclaimed frugalista but I am also an artist so that means travel is something completely out of my reach… or so I thought.  I have been blessed to be able to travel internationally and have picked up some valuable travel tips along the way. Cheapskate budget approved.


1) Money Ain’t A Thang…Until It Is.  Go where your money is worth most. Many Caribbean, Asian, African, South/Central American and European countries have “weaker” currencies and you are able to get more for your dollar. This also works with domestic travel as well. Atlanta, Ga is cheaper to visit than San Francisco, CA.

2) Give Your Two Cents: Websites like Points For Surveys will give you flyer miles to select airlines just for answering surveys about various topics. I have earned over 800 points already.

3) Wheredeyatdoe? Keep your eyes peeled for deals websites like The Flight Deal and Airfare Watch Dog will announce deals that lasts for about 2-5 days but it is so worth it. These sites will also list “glitches,” which is a mistake on the fare but the airline will most likely honor it. Follow these sites and your favorite airlines on social media for any flash deals they may offer. Jet blue is pretty good with their social media accounts.

4) Know Your Codes And Be Flexible:  When flight deals pop up you have to move quickly and knowing your airport codes saves time and headaches. SJC is San Jose, California, SJU is San Juan, Puerto Rico, JFK is New York, New York and JFM is Fremantle, Australia. You don’t want to make these mistakes.  Different places and prices. Know what you are looking for so you can be efficient. This website can help.  Use Google.com/flights to track the best time of the year to visit your prime location. This website is a GEM you can save so much money by simply departing a day earlier or later upwards of hundreds of dollars, depending on the destination.  If you are feeling lucky you can click the “I’m feeling lucky” button and it will pull up random hotspots that you may not of considered before.

5) Go ‘head, Switch Your Style Up…and Watch The Money Pile Up.  If  the only way you can travel is cutting corners, then guess what? That is what you have to do. Brunch every Sunday can cost up to $200 a month easily. Some of my friends recently purchased tickets to Abu Dhabi for that price (Actually less $177-$187) . Do you need 250 cable stations? New shoes? New anything?  Get another savings account solely for travel that you have access to with a card so you can purchase deals instantly.

6) Mi Casa Su Casa: Do you take cabs everywhere you go when you are at home? Most likely not if you do you aren’t a “cheapskate.”  Hotel and transportation will eat your budget faster than the Shanghai Maglev (That is the fastest train in the world, by the way.) but if you live like the locals you can see so much more for a fraction of the price. Look into booking a hostel (they are safe) or AirBnB.com to help find accommodations to suite your taste and budget. I stayed in a beautiful bungalow in Curacao with stronger wifi than the resorts for $50 a night! I am still in shock about that. Learn how to use public transportation so you can avoid the tourist trap.

7) Network! Network! Network!: Go out, meet people and build valuable relationships. I have received priceless information about places I was visiting from friends, not yelp. Friends have an idea of what you like so they can tell you if this restaurant “everyone” is raving about is worth the wait or cost.  Having friends in diverse locations can tell you where to go at worst and you may have somewhere to stay at best. Win Win!

I find traveling highly rewarding and it is an awesome investment in yourself.  You find out a lot about yourself by being somewhere else so why not do it inexpensively.

So stop the defeating self talk and go see some world… on a budget!