7 Perfect Gifts For Your Valentine’s Day Situationship

Friends how many of us have them?

Situationship according to Urban Dictionary it has multiple meanings: 

  1. any problematic relationship characterized by one or more unresolved, interpersonal conflicts. usually confused with dating. 
  2. A person in a complicated relationship that is too difficult for a normal word.



Although the word has a definition your relationship I mean situationship does not. It all boils down to you both like each other but not quite enough to tell anyone else or each other that you “kinda” like them.  Are you confused yet? Well we are here to help solve one problem. Valentine’s Day. Many feel Valentine’s Day is solely for defined relationships but if you have been “kicking it” since Pre-Thanksgiving and you really like them this month feel free to treat your kinda friend/kinda lover to something nice. Here are 7 Perfect Valentine’s Day gifts for your situationship.



via indulgy.com
via indulgy.com


I’m just saying. E-Card are perfect to show someone you care but don’t really care. You can even make one for free using this tutorial.

Gift Card

via relentlessfinancialimprovement.com
via relentlessfinancialimprovement.com


Gift cards are great but gas cards are even better.


Handmade Goods

20161116_122834Are you crafty? Make something you believe they will enjoy. If you aren’t too DIY-like savvy we suggest buying the materials and putting it in a nice gift bag, like a kit. It will keep them occupied in your often frequent absence.


Toiletry Kit

Via Amazon
Via Amazon


Nothing says “Of course you can take a shower but your Uber’s outside” like a travel bag/toiletry kit. This stylish bag is less than a box of pizza and beer


via Aids Health
via Aids Health


Sometimes the best gifts are the essentials. Always keep it safe.


via newhavensymphony.org


When in doubt the answer is always wine.

Groupon Experience

via letsbangbang.com
via letsbangbang.com


Now if you guys would like to transition to a more solidified relationship. Groupon is the way to go for an awesome and frugal date night. Worst case scenario you can passive aggressively shoot each other if things are going sour. 

What do you think? Is gift giving in a situationship a big no-no or nah?