6 Awesome Hip Hop Halloween Costumes

I say the hip the hop the hippy to the Halloween. Speaking of which it is around the corner, are you ready? I assume you aren’t but don’t fear A.V. is here! Looking for a unique costume for you and your buddies? Try some of these Hip Hop Duo costumes… DIY style.

Salt n Pepa


All you need is colorful latex and leather.

level of difficulty: 6

Bonus: Add Spinderilla.




Walk this way… To the nearest sporting goods store and get some of these gems. Windbreaker, Addias, Bucker hat, Rope chain

Level of difficulty: 3

Bonus: Jam Master Jay

Dre n Snoop


Snoop is the star of this costume duo. His hair will help you guys sell the costume. Black cap, sweatshirt & jeans, khakis, or dickies, flannel shirt, blue bandana, hair braided or curls, fake goatee, Converse/vans sneakers.

Level of difficulty: 4

Biggie and Lil Kim



This costume is based more on physical appearance more than clothes. One person should be big and tall and the other umm little. All black with leather accessories and bling! Alternative costumes: Biggie and Faith or Biggie and Puff Daddy

Level of difficulty: 3

Kriss Kross or TLC


Baggy and backwards (Kriss Kross) Baggy and bright (TLC) clothes preferably baseball jerseys.

Level of difficulty: 4

Kid n Play


Level of difficulty 7

Who is going to grow out their hair? This I wig is NOT an option.



Honorable mentions

Foxy Brown and Jay

Not to be confused with Bey and Jay(too much money to emulate)

Hawaiian shirt cigar aviator glasses baggy suit
Long black wig no bangs, cut out revealing dress.

Lil Kim and “plastic surgeon”

if you are feeling cheeky try this on for size.

Puff n Ma$e level of difficulty 9
Matching shiny suits are hard to come by.

Level of difficulty 4Group costume Cash money level of difficulty 1
All white tees foil chains tattoos

The cool thing about these costumes are that they are relatively easy and it requires teamwork. You need all hands on deck for this. The more the merrier! What are some of your Halloween costume ideas?