5 Ways To Go Green and Save Green



How much green should you spend to go green? Is “Eco-friendly” economically friendly? Many feel like it is too expensive or time consuming to live that life but it doesn’t have to be. Take baby steps and to get you started here are 5 ways to go green while keeping green in your pocket.

Walk it out. Walk, take public transportation or bike to work. This saves on gas and parking costs while improving your cardiovascular health and reducing your risk of obesity. Sexy calves are a bonus also.
Shed some light. Change your light bulbs to energy efficient light bulbs.
Clean Green: When it comes to keeping your house sparkly clean, avoid cleaning products that contain phosphorus, nitrogen and ammonia, as the EPA deems these to be environmentally hazardous.
Green Your Beauty Routine. The Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Database is an amazing resource for finding non-toxic options for ever part of your personal routine. 
Ebay is your friend. Buy gently used or vintage items to prevent them from going to the landfill.
Are you thinking about “going green?” What are some of your financial concerns?