5 Things I Learned from Clair Huxtable


A throwback from the old post… written by (Ariel Cherie and myself) Enjoy! Also today is Phylicia Rashad’s birthday!


Lately for ladies the norm seems to be soft spoken, wide-eyed, and docile, but is this who we really are? Should we simplify ourselves in order to get the man and be more accepted in our everyday lives? Must we play dumb in order to fit in? Is asinine the new black?

For our whole lives, we’ve watched watched The Cosby Show (along with everyone else in America), and looking back, a lot of what we aspire to be has come from Clair Huxtable. She embodied everything that we aspired to be.


1) Being smart is sexy. It’s cool to give your opinion on something, and when you have a genuine interest in a topic people notice and appreciate it. Ain’t nothing worse than when you’re speaking to someone who is spouting off recycled garbage that doesn’t make a lick of sense. Like seriously, did you ever crack open that history book in high school? No? Okay. Engaging convo is seductive, and Clair taught us that we can hold our head high, and our men will still think we’re sexy.







2) You can make your point without coming across as a bitch. Clair was firm and assertive where she demanded respect, but she rarely lost her cool. She never had to shout so everyone in the neighborhood could hear her. When she had something to say, she explained it in a very dignified manner, all while keeping her sass and personality without being over the top.

Clair-01Clair 01

3) After five children you can still look good. We all have our days, whether we have children or not, where we may want to walk around in sweatpants all day long just because we feel blah. But that is no excuse to do it every single day. Claire always had a fly outfit and her waist was always snatched! Even when she broke her foot, she still jazzed up her cast. Nothing is truer than when you look good you feel good. It gives you that extra boost of confidence to go through the day.


4) Clair showed me how to be a true independent woman. Clair had it all! She was a lawyer (who eventually made partner at her firm), five children, AND she still had time to cook. Technically. she didn’t need Cliff for anything since she was clearly independent on her own. However, she never felt the need to throw it in his face at all. She needed him for her spirit as much as he needed her, interdependence.   And it was beautiful. It was love.


5) The Real ABC’s: Always be classy. This one should be self-explanatory, but you never know nowadays. For those who take a pic of themselves in the mirror with their breasts/ass hanging out in their Twitter avi, yet they want to talk about how they’re so classy. Am I missing something? Clair would never do such a thing! Even when she had a foot cast on she was still classy. She wore her sequined dress with her cast and sashayed to the jazz club like it was nobody’s business. Being classy is not just about what you’re wearing on the outside, but it is a state of mind as well. No one respects  trashy woman. She doesn’t even respect herself.
If you have any question about your behavior, just think, “What would Clair do?” You might think twice.