5 Lessons I Learned After Watching “The Get Down,” Twice

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By world I mean binge watching any random original series on Netflix. My latest obsession is “The Get Down.” This show is a musical drama television series set in the South Bronx during the late 1970s. Disco is booming and Hip-Hop is barely in infancy. It follows the adventures of a talented yet lovelorn poet, Ezekiel “Zeke/Books” Figuero as he navigates his life with his friends, family, future and his infatuation with both Hip-Hop and Mylene. The critics have given this mixed reviews but I’m a fan. Don’t expect for it to be a play by play of Hip-Hop’s early beginnings but it is more of a coming of age of story that highlights the struggles of South Bronx and the beauty that can be birthed from it.  I loved it so much that created my own rap name (A.V. $upreme) and I watched it twice and here are some gems I picked up the second time around. 


 5 Lessons I Learned After Watching -The Get Down,- Twice


Adults Need To Borrow Some Sentiments From “Teen Love”

via Vulture
via Vulture

Remember when being in love was all encompassing, fearless and intentional? That is the benefit of being in love as a teenager before you become jaded. Although “Books” and Mylene’s love life can be borderline foolish there are some things we can learn from it. My fellow adults let us be more intentional with our love, love without fear and abandon heartache we’ve experienced way back when. 

It Is Ok To “Strong Arm” People To Pursue Your Dreams

via Sassymamainla.com
via Sassy Mama In LA

 “Well behaved women rarely make history”- Laurel Thatcher Ulrich.

Now when I say strong arm by all means don’t be like Suge Knight because I will not pay donate to your crowdfunding efforts for bail money. What I mean is that it is ok to disappoint some people in order to accomplish great things. Everyone will not understand your calling and everyone cannot come with you. That is perfectly ok because we all have a different path follow yours.

Jaden Smith is Jaden Smith, Everywhere.

Via Cinemafia
Via Cinemafia

Not sure if this is a good or bad thing. *Disclaimer* I fully support Jaden’s one man movement called “I want to be Jaden Smith all the time” but goodness could you be less Jadenized when you are in films? Anywho, I guess this is a lesson in being unapologetically yourself even if your role calls you to be someone else. 


Think Quick And Be Resourceful, Opportunity Is Forever Fleeting.

via Variety
via Variety

This lesson can also be filed under: Get in where you fit in. Obviously the talent of the group is Ezekiel aka Books and Shaolin Fantastic but The Kipling Brothers hold their own. Ra-Ra, Dizzee and Boo-Boo Kipling are wise enough to see something is growing and it behooves them to be a part of it. Yes, being a tag-a-long could be a goal but they are making themselves invaluable by being resourceful. I am sure in subsequent seasons the group will have internal turmoil but as of today their worth is evident. How are you creating opportunity for yourself? How are you making yourself invaluable in the lives of others? 

Growth Is Essential


As a native New Yorker as well as an 80’s baby it is still mind blowing to see The Bronx or the any part of New York without hip hop. I remember seeing the genre shift from distain during the 90’s to worldwide appreciation of today, but to be in a time where it almost didn’t exist? Wowzers.  It has also shown me how much the art form and its creators has grown. What a time to be alive.

Now how the masses may feel about the show is ambiguous but we can all agree these lessons are solid.


Have you watched The Get Down? What did you think?