5 Exercises You Must Try to Lose Weight in 2017

Welcome to 2017 Fitfamily! You’ve made it through the holidays! If you are anything like me, that means you’ve left lots of drinking (alcohol) and unhealthy eating in the final days of 2016. It’s cool, that was last year, we are pass that lol.

This is the perfect time to hit the reset button and step into the new year with your healthiest foot forward. Today I will share with you other ways you can keep that scale on your side in 2017. Plus, I am thinking about hosting another detox later this year, so I will keep you posted.



Back to this new year business. In 2016 I tried 7 – 10 different workout styles to maintain my fitness goals. My number one goal? To be the healthiest and strongest version of myself. Some of them worked really well, and others, not so much. I am very happy I gave them all a try because today I get to share my top 5 with you. These exercises really helped me with weight-loss, toning, strength training and connecting with other fitness enthusiasts. I cannot guarantee that they will all work for you, but you won’t know unless you try!

Pole Dancing

Pole is life. I fell in love with pole dancing exactly 2 years ago and I have not looked back. I started pole dancing by accident. One minute I was looking for a groupon for my manicure and the next I was booking a three-month commitment to a pole studio.

Yenory Pole Dancing
Pole dancing at home.

A lot of people think of pole and automatically think of exotic dancers, but pole dancing is a WORKOUT like no other and it is considered a sport in many parts of Europe. In my first climbing class I learned I had no upper body strength (not surprised, I hate pull ups and push-ups), but I stuck with it and I started seeing results.

Pole is the number one  exercise you should try is 2017, because it helps you lose weight, strengthen your whole body, and boost your confidence all in one. Plus is sexy AF! Best part? Once you are done paying for a studio, you can invest in your own pole and practice at home. I love it! 

Group Runs

I am not the group running type. At-least not until 2016. I like running alone, just going out there and getting lost in the pavement.  However, in 2016 I committed to stepping outside of my comfort zone, and joined a running group in DC.

Members of the City Fit Girls Running Club in DC.

After my first group run, I decided it wasn’t that bad, it was actually really fun. I got to make new friends that support my healthy lifestyle and had lots of ideas on how I can make it better. If you are looking for a community, I highly recommend group runs they are awesome. Plus, weight-loss is always more fun with friends.


I’ve been practicing yoga for years. I’ve found that a lot of people sleep on yoga as a workout because of it is low impact nature. But, yoga is really good for your body. Ladies, if your cycle is driving you to insanity, the proper yoga pose will not only easy the pain, in some cases it will get rid off it.

Practicing in the beautiful beaches of Grenada.

I love practicing yoga because there is always a new challenge, just like pole. Yoga is more than flexibility. Following its teachings will help you become more in tune with your mind, body and spirit. Highly recommended for 2017!


It’s Twerk Time!!! No seriously it is. Have you tried twerking for 45 minutes non-stop? It is no joke. Twerking is one of my favorite full body cardio activity. Legs are working, core is engaged, butt muscles are moving, this is a must try this in 2017.

In twerk class, twerking it on the low because there are levels to this!

Plus, twerk is fun! Blast your favorite twerk song and your body can’t help but move, perfect way to burn some calories. Best part, you get to use your amazing dance moves at the next party. I certainly plan on perfecting my kick-twerk in 2017.

Solo Runs

I’ve been running for years now, actually that’s how I started my weight-loss journey, that is why I am bringing them with me into 2017. Not everyone want to workout with other people, I get it. I was like that, and sometimes I still am. If I am talking to you, a solo run might be a good start for you. This is a good way to eliminate distractions, and only focus on yourself. It is easier to move at your own pace because you do not have other people around you to compare.

Starting line at the NYC Marathon
At the starting line for the TCS NYC Marathon.

However, be cautions with solo runs if you need someone to push you. Besides helping you lose weight, solo runs are great to clear your mind and unwind after a long day. If you are into that. Solo runs not only helped me lose weight, they encouraged me to begin racing and complete two marathons.

There you have it! My top 5 exercises to get that iAmHealthyFit Body in 2017! Have you tried any of these exercises? If so what are your thoughts?