5 Awesome Popcorn Recipes You Need To Try For National Popcorn Day

Did you know that today is National Popcorn Day? Oh you didn’t. Well that is what I am here for; to remind you of all the snacking you need to do throughout the year. Being the self pro claimed president of the popcorn fan club, I prefer salty however you can never go wrong with sweet but how about other flavors? Paprika? Curry? Yea, you read that right.  Don’t short change yourself ditch the microwavable bags get an air popper. The one I use by West Bend is super affordable, small enough to transport with ease and pops every last kernel! Jazz up your movie night with these 5 awesome popcorn recipes .


Sweet and Salty Curried Popcorn 

Via The Kitchn

This is what spice market dreams are made of. Brown sugar and curry join forces to add some serious flavor to your snacks. If the thought of your popcorn tasting like chicken scares you mix your curry popcorn with plain popcorn for more texture.


Truffle Bacon Popcorn

Via Foodiecrush

You had me at bacon Bacon. My mind is blown and I am truly happy I don’t think I can handle the level of goodness that can come of this. Good job, Foodie Crush, good job.


“Netflix and Chill” Popcorn

via A.V. Does What!? 

Set the mood for your next romantic movie night with this decadent recipe. I have been told it will make your lover fall for you. *Note* if it doesn’t all isn’t lost, it is still delicious.


Birthday Cake Popcorn

Via Spicy Southern Kitchen

This recipe requires a bit more work but it is totally worth it. Who doesn’t want to celebrate a birthday? Cake, Cake, Cake!


Chilli Lime Popcorn

Via Martha Stewart 

In honor of Taco Tuesday AND National Popcorn Day this chili lime recipe will get your taste buds to do the cha cha slide. *Note* you can make this really kick if you add tequila to your butter, you’re welcome.


How do you like your popcorn? Salty or sweet?