5 Affordable Items You Need to Stay Active This Fall

Under Armour Big Wordmark Tote

Goodbye Summer and Hello Fall! While I am not crazy about the change in temperature, I do love Fall fashion! Something about those fall colors make me feel like I am on a runway LOL! You know what else makes me feel like a bad ass? Fall workout gear! Transitioning your workout routine from Summer to Fall can be a little tough, especially when it is cold outside. No need to worry, because today I am sharing 5 items that you absolutely need to stay active this fall. Best part? They are all under $50!




Nike’s Pro Warm Mezzo Waistband Tights.

Workout Tights: Tights have become a very common item in my closet, but they get most of their action during fall and winter. Before you start running outside, protect your body with a comfortable pair of tights that are made to help you nail your workout. I hate having to stop in between sets to fix my pants. I highly recommend Nike’s Pro Warm Mezzo Waistband Tights. Not only are they great for working out, they are warm and have two colorful styles you will love. You can use them to workout indoors or you can use them as an extra layer when working out outside.


Baleaf Women's Cool Active Sweatshirts 1/2 Zip Running Hoodie

Active Hoodie: Hoodies are a must have item for the fall. If you like to run, you cannot make it through the fall without the proper hoodie. I highly recommend Baleaf Women’s Cool Active Sweatshirts 1/2 Zip Running Hoodie. This hoodie is pretty awesome. It includes a fitted hood for warmth, a mesh back panel to keep the air flowing and its dry fit material will keep the sweat in control. It comes in both fluorescent green and a gorgeous peacock color both perfect for running outside!


Performance Women's 2Love Pullover Hoodie

Pull Over Hoodie: If you are only looking for the perfect hoodie for your trips to the gym, Adidas got you girl! Their Performance Women’s 2Love Pullover Hoodie is a great option to throw over after a workout to help you cool down after your workout. Its breathable fabric is both comfortable and light, you will definitely feel like an athlete.


Under Armour Women's UA Retro Over-The-Calf Socks

Calf Socks: I love calf socks! I began using them when I started running during the colder months of the year and I haven’t looked back. There are different types of over-the-calf- socks compression and regular. The compression socks are tighter around your calf, to help increase the flow of blood while workout out. I like the Under Armour Women’s UA Retro Over-The-Calf Socks because they are super comfortable. They are great at keeping your feet dry and keeping your shoes smelling fresh longer by reducing foot order.


 Under Armour Big Wordmark Tote

Tote: I am a firm believer that one cannot have too many totes LOL, but seriously going into fall you will need one of these. I strongly recommend that you get a tote whose only purpose is to carry your workout gear. This will help you stay organized and save you time when is time to go workout. The Under Armour Big Wordmark Tote is a great place to start. It is spacious, it has a detachable baggie for your personal items like keys and IDs and it has a zipper! They have over 8 different designs you can select from! Yasssss! 

What are some of your must-haves to stay active in the fall? Let’s keep the list going!