3 Things I Learned After 3 Years of Blogging

Happy birthday to my blog! I can’t believe it has been three years already. Where has the time gone? I know where. WordPress.


Now that my brand is expanding I often get questions about getting started. It is kind of mind blowing. I just got here! Then I begin to think what is here? *Brain explodes* Maybe I am being slightly dramatic but there is some truth to it. I do not have all the answers but here are 3 things I have learned after 3 years of blogging.  





Who are you? What would do you want to say? How do you want to say it? What makes it unique? With the small investment of 12 bucks for a domain name, starting a blog is so easy a caveman can do it. What makes your blog different from the 100 million trillion .coms out there? YOU! That is what makes your blog different. There are so much noise online but there is only one you. I spent the entire first year of my blog fully articulating “my voice” so my audience knew what to expect. When I first started I realized the “Do-It-Yourself” niche had a particular air. Everything seems picture Pinterest perfect and that is so far from my life. If I tried to force myself into this previously paved way  I would of been miserable. Plus you wouldn’t be blessed with DIY Wu-Tang and Biggie references.


Can’t Do It Alone

As a DIYer this seems pretty backwards but trust me on this one. You NEED people whether it is in your support circle to give you a morale boost when you feel stuck or potential colleagues to collaborate with. Sometimes you don’t even have to be “around” people to get assistance. Tuning into a podcast is an awesome alternative to getting helpful information immediately. Networking with other bloggers/influencers in and out of your niche is imperative to your success. I spent year 2 of my blog expanding and being social!


Be Consistent 

This is a tough one. You are a creative, a free spirit, you desire the freedom of working for yourself why have a schedule? If you don’t want to completely fall flat on your face you need SOME kind of structure.

Consistency + Schedule = Coins

I spent TWO years building and expanding my reach before I even thought about generating income from it. I wanted the right audience so I can eventually have the right customers.   I could of monetized my blog at least 6 months to a year sooner if I developed a schedule from the beginning. *Cue church organ* 

I could of monetized my blog at least 6 months to a year sooner if I developed a schedule from the beginning.


When I wanted to be taken seriously I started using some scheduling apps but I saw REAL results once I was introduced to CoSchedule.  This is an affiliate link, which means I receive compensation if you purchase a product through this link. CoSchedule is a mega scheduler. I use it to map out my editorial calendar, social media content, online classes, email campaigns and other sale launches. That is a lot to tackle and I love how CoSchedule has color coded tabs that allows me to stay organized.

Take a quick look at my editorial calendar.  This is July/August 2016 I needed to be very organized because I started my first online class, hosted my first crafting event, added a contributor to my blog AND worked on a campaign with HGTV Magazine! Super busy. With CoSchedule I am able to schedule tweets, Facebook posts and pins in advanced. That means more time to do other fun things like pretending to sleep.


Social media analyzing is so clutch. It will tell you what people are responding to and you can tailor your content towards what your audience likes, of course without losing your voice. Early on my audience told me they liked my love for my Caribbean heritage so I created more content reflecting that. Also my audience likes the number seven.  


Not only do I schedule my content via social media I plan out some of my blog ideas with WordPress and Evernote integration. It is awesome in streamlining my ideas and content.

screen-shot-2016-11-10-at-8-58-09-amIt has been awesome working on my blog and I’ve learned a lot but my biggest tips are Stay focused and keep going!


20161029_172256Are you looking to start a blog? What are some of your challenges?