15 Ways to Live It Up For Your 30th Birthday

How does it feel being 30? Hmm the short answer? Amazing. I have been 30 years old for approximately 30 days and it has been a joyride. A large part of that is because of the people I engage with on a daily basis. I have been blessed to have folks in my life that don’t make me feel like my life is over (or delayed) because I am no longer in my 20s. They are youthful, driven and don’t take themselves too seriously. That has made a huge difference as I entered this “new chapter” in my life. Shoutout to all of you! Here are 15 ways to live it up for your 30th birthday.



1) Take sexy selfies at the Four Seasons Hotel in Baltimore. I have had this vintage corset for 5 years before wearing it for the 1st time. It took me a year to fit into it.


2) Rejoice because you realize didn’t die after getting into a car accident, on your birthday.



3) Get creative by making “album covers” after said car accident.


4) Let your soul glow at a fiesta.


5) Go to work at some point. These AVentures don’t pay for themselves.


6) Reunite with The Ratcheteers in ATL.


7) Dance like everyone is watching.


8) Snap candid yet posed photos with direction by one of your awesome friends… that takes pictures.


9) Recreate the 90s by drinking Colt 45s and other problematic beverages while sitting on the stoop with your peeps.


10) Become a video vixen…or Siren.20150802_135819

11) Go back to work. Then get some ice cream.


12) Spend a day at the races with Buzz Leapyear.



13) Have an amazing brunch that fed 9 people plus leftovers for $83.21Total.



14) Get in tune with that Motown sound. FullSizeRender



15) Get one step closer to your dreams.

Yeaaaaa boy!

For those 30+ how do you feel? Not there yet? It is ok leave all your comments and thoughts below!